Increase Cube Utilization
-Capture up to 25 feet of existing vertical storage space with multiple floor pick        locations

Increase Floor Access Pick Faces
-Keg are easily and ergonomically brought to the employee

Dynamic Pick Faces
-Eliminate under utilized keg flow lanes
-Eliminate dedicated pick lanes for keg SKU's

Reduce Labor Costs
-Reduce the number of employees needed for the keg management process

Reduce Workman Compensations Claims
-Kegs ergonomically positioned to meet OSHA & NIOSH safe lifting height guidelines

Reduced Equipment Costs
-Keg Carousel eliminates need for forklifts

Reclaim Aisle Space
-Keg Carousel eliminates need for wider aisle space to accommodate forklift turns

Reduce Footsteps
-Kegs stored vertically, reduce long aisle pick faces

Higher Productivity
-Kegs positioned ergonomically for          employees' "power zone," reducing fatigue

Utility Costs
-Expanding cooler square footage requires more energy to cool and maintain

Avoid Cooler Expansion Costs
-Cooler build-out costs average                 approximately $200 per square foot
-Expanding cooler into existing warehouse space diminishes future storage options


Patent No. 10,450,137

       Up to 204 Keg Barrel Capacity!




Premier Direct Store Delivery System


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